Shopping mall Schlossarkaden, Braunschweig

Solutions for building control systems

Place / country:Braunschweig, Germany
Building type:Shopping mall
Solutions:CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
SHEV flaps
Pneumatic cylinders (tandem and individual)
Building automation/CI Control Technology
Temperature, wind and rain sensors
CI System Light Architecture FE
CI System Rooflight Dome
Upstands with fans

Natural smoke exhaust design concept for the shopping mall and staircase areas. Day-to-day ventilation provided via SHEV flaps while taking into consideration strict requirements regarding wear and noise.

  • Glass roofs with special pneumatic cylinders for wear-free, almost silent operation, cylinders in same colour as glass structure
  • Cylinders activated via screw compressors, including compressed air tank, compressed air dryer, oil and water separator and microfilter
  • Group switch cabinets activated centrally via fire alarm system
  • Each sub-control panel connected to the internal bus system using an Ethernet cable
  • Smoke exhaust system to ensure instant detection and release in the event of an emergency